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Alserkal Spotlight: Alice Audouin Art For Change 21 at COP28

January 29, 2024 Season 10 Episode 131
The Radical Contemporary Podcast
Alserkal Spotlight: Alice Audouin Art For Change 21 at COP28
The Radical Contemporary Podcast
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Show Notes

Introducing The Radical Contemporary Podcast x Alserkal Avenue podcast Sustainability Spotlight mini-series in collaboration with Alserkal Avenue and hosted by Radical Contemporary founder Nour Hassan. These interviews were recorded and released during COP28, UAE, 2023.  

The series is focused on #actionism and is entitled "Actionists: Moving from Commitment to Action."

Episode 2/4:
In this episode our founder Nour Hassan speaks to multihyphenate Alice Audouin the Founder & Chair of non profit organization @artofchange21. Alice is also a Curator, Advisor, Author and Sustainability Advocate.

On the occasion of the COP28 Climate Conference, taking place in Dubai, UAE, Art of Change 21 and Alserkal Initiatives are excited to collaborate and present the climate-related exhibition “Melting Point” by the French-Swiss artist Julian Charrière. On view at Alserkal Avenue, the show brings to light rarely seen perspectives of our planet’s polar regions.

"The ecological transition is also a cultural transition. Art plays a crucial role in accompanying the change towards a lower-carbon society by giving sense and meaning to this new future. That is why we believe in bringing art to the table at the climate COP, with artist Hassan Hajjaj at COP22 in Morocco in 2018 or John Gerrard at COP26 in 2021 in Glasgow. This year, we are thrilled to work with Julian Charrière, a close partner since 2021, who is very concerned by climate change, as well as Alserkal Initiatives, whose expertise and commitment to promoting socially-responsible and forward-thinking art make them a perfect collaborator in this important and unique exhibition." - Alice Audouin, Founder-President of Art of Change 21.

Since its creation in 2014 just ahead of the COP21 in Paris, Art of Change 21 has played a key role during COP Climate (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) attending every year and merging art, culture and sustainability.

For more information visit @alice.audouin and @artofchange21

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